Second Annual Writing Conference

Our second annual writing conference will be October 1, 2016 at the Pueblo West Library.  We have a great line-up planned.

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October Regular Meeting

Pueblo West Writers meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Pueblo West Library, Jerry A King Room A, from 6:30-8:30 p.m..

For directions and a map, click here.

Visit our website. 

October 4, 2016

Open forum post conference review. We will have an informal discussion on our writing conference. We will also have a writing activity.

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Second Annual Writing Conference

Our 2016 writing conference will be held at the Pueblo West Library on October 1, 2016.

Save the Date! Visit our website.


We will be updating more details as we know them. Registration begins June 1, 2016.

Our line-up for speakers are as follows.

Carol Berg: Writing Characters That Live

What makes a character live on in a reader’s mind after the book is closed? More and more readers are demanding believable, complex characters even in genre fiction. But names, physical description, and job description do not characters make, not for walk-on characters and especially not for heroes, heroines, and villains.  Learn techniques for inventing a person, ways to get into your characters’ heads and give them an inner life that motivates their actions.  Reveal your characters to the reader with narrative, voice, and point-of-view, and watch the story take on a life of its own.

Chris Goff: The Business of Writing

You’ve decided to be a writer—you have a great plot idea, a great character, a great setup to build upon. But, first things first. Save yourself some time by considering your genre. Publishers, booksellers and even readers tend to categorize books. Even the route to publishing—indy or traditionally published—can be effected by what you write. Help yourself by understanding the market. This session will give you an overview of the world of publishing from inception to publication and help you be better prepared to succeed as a writer.

Beyond the Idea: Plotting the Novel

It takes more than a great idea to craft a novel. It takes a great premise, characters, pacing, voice and conflict combined with all the twists and turns required for the story you’re telling. Everyone, even a “seat of the ‘pantser,'” can benefit from understanding how to pull together the elements. In this session we’ll explore a variety of plot structures to help you craft a novel that keeps your readers turning the pages and try crafting a “controlling premise” to keep your novel on track.

Jason Heller: Writing Nonfiction (and Why It’s for Everyone)

Nonfiction is a vital part of the literary scene, even for those who focus on fiction. Not only does nonfiction build writing chops, it can lead to exposure and opportunities that fiction alone might not bring. Jason Heller — Hugo Award-winning editor; novelist of Taft 2012; and essayist/critic for The New Yorker, NPR, and Rolling Stone–will demonstrate how and why nonfiction should be a tool in every writer’s box.

Len Vlahos

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September Meeting Tonight

Our meeting is tonight, Sept. 6 at 6:30 pm
Jax Hunter’s Workshop description and Bio.
In DEEP POV we see the sights, smell the smells, hear the sounds and feel the action from deep inside ONE character’s point of view.

What I love about DEEP POV is how easily the reader slips into the character’s skin.  It really makes the story come alive.

There are some great reasons to use DEEP POV.
•    Make your characters resonate with your reader.
•    Pull the reader into the story.
•    It’s a great way to get to the emotion (which is why we read after all, isn’t it?)
•    Make your characters likeable.

In this workshop, we’ll review point of view, learn the rules of DEEP POV and examine a ton of examples.
Jax Hunter is known for her heartwarming military romance series:  True Heroes.  She is currently writing American Revolutionary War fiction.  Recently, she has ventured out to write journals:  climbing trackers, motivational journals and bible study journals.

She teaches a wide variety of writing courses, both online and in person and travels the state telling the stories of April 19, 1775.  She also is the owner of a health and wellness business.


What does she do for fun?  Well, she’s a huge hockey fan.  She has a fancy embroidery machine and she’ll embroider anything that will fit in the hoop.  And she collects really old books.

She lives in the high mountains of Colorado with her own true hero and the two pups that rule the house.

You can find her on Facebook as AuthorJaxHunter.  Her fiction website is and her journal website is

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Conference Registration Sale

Good news, we are having a registration sale for our Writing Conference October 1.

Thursday, September 1-Tuesday, September 6, the registration price is on sale for $65. Conferees must register during that time period. This is a $20 discount during the sale. After that the price goes up to the late registration of $85.

Click here to learn more.


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Special Announcement About Our Writing Conference

Watch for a special announcement regarding the Pueblo West Writer’s Conference. Check back September 1.

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August Meeting With Kevin Ikenberry

Our August meeting will feature guest speaker, Kevin Ikenberry. He will present the workshop:

Finding The Perfect Story Structure (or How I Learned To Love Outlining)
Writing a novel can be difficult work, especially without a plan.  There are many structures to follow, but do they all provide what you need them to do?  In this two-hour presentation, we’ll discuss the importance of character development to story structure and explore traditional structures (Hero’s Journey and Seven Point Story Structure) as well as the Hollywood Formula.

Kevin Ikenberry:
August 2nd, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Pueblo West Library

Kevin’s books will be available for purchase and signing. He is able to accept cash or card (via Paypal reader.)

Cash donations for our speaker’s gas would be appreciated but not required.

Kevin Ikenberry’s head has been in the clouds since he was old enough to read. Ask him and he’ll tell you that he still wants to be an astronaut. A former manager of the world-renowned U.S. Space Camp program in Huntsville, Alabama and a former executive of two Challenger Learning Centers, Kevin continues to work with space every day. A retired Army officer, Kevin lives in Colorado with his family.

Kevin is the author of Sleeper Protocol, which Publisher’s Weekly called “an emotionally powerful debut,” and the military science fiction novel Runs In The Family. His short fiction has appeared internationally across various publications and anthologies. Kevin is an Active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America and is a member of both Fiction Foundry and Pikes Peak Writers. He is an alumnus and staff member of the Superstars Writing Seminars.

He can be found online at

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